My Profile and Publications

I am Ruggero Eugeni, a full Professor of Media Semiotics at Catholic University of Milan (Italy).

My interests focus on relations between media and spectators/users. My approach is mainly cultural-semiotic.

I am currently developing a model of analysis of media experience, namely the part of our ordinary and living experience designed and constituted by media devices. From this point of view, I consider media consumption as a form of embodied, embedded and situated experience, and as a network of sensorial, cognitive, emotional and practical activities.

In the My research topics section you will find more information about my scientific interests.

In the Papers on Media Semiotics section, you can find some of my articles in English and other European Languages, documenting my scientific work.

You can also download my Curriculum vitae  (not an exciting reading, I admit…) with a complete list of my publications

My main publications are:

Il testo visibile. Teoria, storia e modelli di analisi (with Fausto Colombo), Roma, La Nuova Italia Scientifica, 1996 ISBN 9788843012091

Analisi semiotica dell’immagine. Pittura, illustrazione, fotografia, Milano, I.S.U. Univeristà Cattolica, 3th edition revised and augmented, 2004, ISBN 88-8311-014-5 Read the book on Google Books

Film, sapere, società. Per un’analisi sociosemiotica del testo cinematografico, Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 1999 ISBN: 978-88-343-0006-0   Read the book on Google Books

La relazione d’incanto. Studi su cinema e ipnosi, Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 2002 ISBN: 978-88-343-0760-1 Read the book on Google Books

Semiotica dei media. Le forme dell’esperienza, Roma, Carocci, 2010 ISBN 978-88-430-4926-4

Invito al cinema di Stanley Kubrick, Milano, Mursia, 2014 ISBN: 8842519405 / 978884251940

La condizione postmediale. Media, linguaggi e narrazioni, Brescia, La Scuola, 2015. ISBN 978883503621 Read a sample and / or buy the ebook

I edited (among others) the following books:

Ruggero Eugeni and Fausto Colombo (eds.), Il prodotto culturale. Teorie, tecniche di analisi, case histories, Roma, Carocci, 2001  ISBN 9788843018154    More information (Italian language)

Ruggero Eugeni and Nevina Satta (eds.), La lingua del tumulto. Un’archeologa dei saperi di Borsa, Milano, Centro per la cultura d’impresa – Libri Scheiwiller, 2003 More information (Italian language)

Ruggero Eugeni and Dario E. Viganò (eds.), Attraverso lo schermo. Cinema e cultura cattolica in Italia, 3 voll., Roma, Ente dello Spettacolo, 2006 More information (Italian Language)

Ruggero Eugeni and Adriano d’Aloia (eds.), Neurofilmology. Audiovisual Studies and the Challenge of Neurosciences, special issue of Cinéma et Cie. International Film Studies Journal, XIV, n. 22/23, spring/fall 2014, ISSN 20355270, ISBN 9788869770227 Read the Issue

Ruggero Eugeni and Adriano d’Aloia (eds.), Teorie del cinema. Il dibattito contemporaneo, Milano, Cortina, 2017. ISBN 9788860309587 More information (Italian Language)

Ruggero Eugeni and Fausto Colombo (eds.), Storia della comunicazione e dello spettacolo in italia. Vol. II I media alla sfida della democrazia (1945-1978), Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 2015. ISBN 9788834330135 More information (Italian Language)


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