What is a dispositive: a comprehensive map of theories

What is a “dispositive” (or apparatus)? From Foucault to Deleuze, from Heidegger to Agamben, from Baudry to the schlars that recently reworked the concept in the field of Film & Media Studies, a comprehensive map with bibliographical references

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Lytro. The camera as hypersensor

Lytro. The camera as hypersensor, Published in Adriano D’Aloia, Francesco Parisi (eds.), Snapshot culture. The photographic experience in the post-medium age. In Comunicazioni Sociali. Journal of Media, Performing Arts and Cultural Studies, 1, January-April 2016, pp. 115-123.

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My Article on hypnosis in Trilby (between novel and movies) available on Academia.edu

My article (in Italian) “Voce, scena, suggestione in ‘Trilby’. La donna ipnotizzata dal romanzo di George du Maurier ai film di Maurice Tourneur e Archie Mayo (1894-1931)”, in Roberta Carpani, Laura Peja, Laura Aimo (eds.), Scena madre. Donne personaggi e interpreti della realtà. Studi per Annamaria Cascetta, Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 2014, pp. 417-426. ISBN 9788834327739 Available on line at my Academia.edu page

My Review of Francesco Casetti, The Lumière Galaxy, Columbia University Press, 2014

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Just wrote a paper on Lytro camera (in Italian): open to discussion

I just wrote a draft version of a paper on Lytro plenottic camera: Lytro. La camera come ipersensore. You can download the paper and send me your observation. Thank you!

In order to better understand  what is a plenottic image, you can explore the Lytro Gallery or interact with the following image:

My book La condizione postmediale now available at Amazon.com also in ebook version

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